For Fertilizer plant :

Activates ferments which take part in the metabolism of nitrogen, and increases proteins in wheat, barley, rice and in the seeds of pulse crops. Potash stimulates the accumulation of the vegetative mass.Potash promotes the accumulation of fat in the seeds of sunflower, rapeseed, fruits of palm and olive trees and other oil crops. Helps increase sugars, vitamin C, B1, carotene, organic acids Improves taste, colour and pulp consistency of berries and fruit. Potash strengthens and lengthens fiber in cotton, flax and other technical crops plants.Potash fertilizers curb by 1.5-1.7 times the accumulation of 137Cs in plants grown on soils contaminated with radi


Industrial Uses:

Technical muriate of potash is used for oil well drilling in the petrochemical industry. Potassium borofluoride is used in metallurgy for steel and base metal soldering. Potassium hydroxide is in routine use in the manufacture of soaps, detergents, lubricants, catalysts, matches, dyes, alkaline batteries, and in film processing. Potassium carbonate is used in the production of optical lenses, glasses, crystals, dishware, porcelain ware, in glass melting, and as a feed additive.  Potassium bicarbonate is used in food and pharmaceutical industry. Various potassium containing substances are in general use in healthcare as antiseptics, and as a calmative for the nervous system. Potassium compounds are also common in the manufacture of bleaching agents, baking powder, gunpowder, illuminating charges, explosives, in electroplating, for extraction of some elements from minerals, in laser technology, fish salting, and steel quenching.

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